Idols are Crumbling

I heard the news about the Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame burning down while I was ministering in Chile. Immediately I felt my heart drop because it reminded me of a vision that the Lord had taken me into a year ago.

On April 29, 2018 the Lord took me into two visions which were to this day one of the most intense experiences I have ever had in the prophetic. I only shared the visions with people who were in my inner circle and those who the Lord had been revealing similar things to. I didn’t share it mainly because I didn’t think people were ready to read it, but I have felt a pressing in my spirit to release one of the visions now.

Prophetic vision April 29, 2018:

I had vision of standing on the edge of a cliff. I could see a vast land full of more cliffs. The cliffs were seperated by water but the water was the Holy Spirit and I heard the Lord say that the cry of His people were connected through the living water but His people were not utilizing its power. I saw on each cliff people groups that were being devoured by the enemy. On each cliff I saw the leader of these people groups standing amongst the carnage. I saw them watching their people get devoured with a look of sadness and hopelessness on their faces.

I felt God say, “My chosen ones, the leaders of My sheep, have surrendered their sheep to the enemy because they don’t know how to war. They have forgotten the cross; they have forgotten the power of the blood. They speak but their words are empty because they have left their rightful place on the throne of sonship to take a lower place than the angels. They believe they are defeated because they see through the world’s eyes. They do not see the power that I have placed inside of them. Their words are empty because they have forgotten who I am. They have fallen victim to the schemes of the enemy who constantly asks them, ‘Who do you really think you are?’ And I have to come back and keep telling them, ‘Who told you you were naked? Who told you that I would not give you everything you need?’ ”
As God was showing me this scene I could hear a mocking spirit laughing over the world. I could hear him laugh and say that the children of God have forgotten who they are and now they are powerless.

In one moment in time I saw the anger of the father boom out throughout the earth and I saw the idols built by the kingdom of darkness fall. I saw buildings and idols crumble, in New York, DC, France, England, Persia, and Germany. I saw a huge dragon arise over the world and try to roar out a sound but I saw the angels of heaven’s army tie its mouth shut with a rope made of Spirit, Truth, and the blood of the Lamb. Then they began to tie its arms, feet, and tail which left the beast helpless. I then saw the enormous beast shift from a dragon into a snake and I saw the foot of the Son of Man crush its head with His heel.

I then heard the Father say that this is the authority that we are called to understand that we have, that we are not overshadowed by the enemy but that the sons and daughters of Christ bring a light to every shadow of the enemy.

As all this was happening I saw spiritual jail cells open and the sons and daughters of heaven came running out dancing and praising the Lord in dance and song. They carried flags of white, blue, purple and gold. I heard them scream, “The time has come! The time has come for the arrival of our King! Let us rejoice and take the land!”

What does this mean for the Body of Christ?

I believe that Notre Dame burning is a prophetic sign of things to come. There is a purification coming to the church as God starts to crumble idols that have been in the body of Christ. Things that most have thought to be acceptable due to tradition, will be subjected to the fire of purification and will not survive it.

I believe that we are about to see a huge shift in the body of Christ and sons and daughters are going to start to walk in the fullness of their identity as they see all of their authority over the enemy. We are about to start taking huge strides in taking back territory for the kingdom of Heaven.

In the vision I believe the different leaders and people groups on the cliffs symbolize different denominations in the body of Christ I believe we are about to see God make some radical changes that will make people stop aligning with denominations and instead align themselves with Spirit, Word, and Truth.

Let’s pray for the body of Christ! Let’s pray for unity and for everything that is in the dark to be exposed by the beautiful light of Jesus!

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Jenimar Pendleton