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Watermarked Ministries exists to equip, train, disciple, and release believers marked by the Holy Spirit to influence all spheres of society for Jesus. We do this by modeling a family culture, teaching identity, authority, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Pendleton Family

 Our heart is to come alongside and serve ministries and community leaders by complimenting what they are already doing to impact the Kingdom. We do this by equipping them in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, teaching Kingdom identity, and demonstrating how to be a family of Christ on a mission, so that they can expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout their realms of influence.  

We work with the local ministries to advance the kingdom through conferences, workshops, and small leadership group sessions.  We focus on seeking first his presence and providing an opportunity for leaders to rest and intimately walk with their heavenly father. We do this by modeling a family culture, teaching identity, authority, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 


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Meet Our Team

Our team of directors and staff have a fiery passion to influence all spheres of society.  Each of them are forerunners in their influence and want nothing more than to see heaven established on earth.  Although they have very diverse backgrounds , they are rooted in the love of the Father, Kingdom identity, and Kingdom family.

Jenimar Pendleton is the founder of Watermarked Ministries and is a licensed minister under Global Awakening’s Apostolic Network. She is a futurist and social entrepreneur who is at the forefront of building and shaping communities in fresh and unique ways. She is a strong prophetic voice and carries a message of kingdom family, love, and authority. Jenimar desires to see the kingdom manifest through equipping leaders and setting courageous believers on fire to bring change in every sphere of influence.

Erin Matousek serves as Vice President of the board of directors, but is above all a lover of her Heavenly Father.  She carries joy and calls those around her into a higher level of freedom.  She has a strong prophetic voice and is called to encourage and equip leaders on every mountain.  She is a dynamic leader, who knows how to help organizations cast a vision and develop the steps to implement its goals for the future.  She is that fire starter that will help and organization control the burn so others can run through the path to success.


Shannon McAbee serves as the board treasurer.  He has a passion for the world to know God on a very personal level.  Having been raised in a ver legalistic church, he only came to really “know” God in the 30’s and 40’s.  He longs for the world to know and experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Life-changing effects that the gifts can have on us.  Shannon has traveled to numerous countries on various mission/ministry trips, fueling his passion for the nations.  Shannon is a published author who is currently writing his second book.  Gifted administratively, a CPA by trading, he serves as the Treasurer for Watermarked Ministries.  His CPA experience includes acting as a local hospital CFO for 10 years.  He currently works as a real estate appraiser and has other real estate related businesses. 

Jonathan Vining serves as the board Secretary.  He and his family have been serving in Latin America for over three years and currently resides in Medellin Colombia.  Jonathan enjoys serving the Lord and showing the Father’s love to everyone he meets.  He has been called to live a life full of love and to do what Jesus did and brings the presence of God into every situation that he is in and carries the presence of God in his life.  He has been given passion for the lost and hurting all over the world and will stop at nothing to make sure the ones that feel unloved, receive the love of the Father.  Jonathan brings wisdom, love, creativity and the hear of a worshipper.

Teresa Anstatt serves as Watermarked Ministries’ intercession coordinator.  Her mission is to reveal and impart the Savior’s Light, Life, and Love through creative arts. worship, and prayer and to teach the release and cultivation of the benefits of God’s Kingdom on earth.  Teresa has been a pillar of establishing authoritative and healing prayer within the local church and is watchman of intercession for organization and groups such as Watermarked Ministries, Global Awakening, Revival Leaders and Netzer.  She travels to awaken the nations to revival and see their destiny restored.