Seated on High

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:19

The last few days I have noticed a pattern around many of those that I have been ministering to.

So many have talked about feeling heaviness or despair and I kept hearing the Lord say, “My children are sensing the atmosphere. There is a war being battled in the heavenlies.”

So I am here to remind you that you have been given discernment to not only sense what’s in the atmosphere, but to also shift the atmosphere into haven on earth.

You are POWERFUL! You are SEATED WITH CHRIST in heavenly places. You were created to CHANGE the atmosphere with Jesus. This means that you get to look down onto situations and change them with prayer.

It’s time to remember you have a heavenly perspective available to you! Let’s all look down and fell mountains to move in the name of Jesus!

In Christ,

Jenimar Pendleton

I Heard Him Say “Rebuild”

“For behold, I am commanding, And I shall shake and sift the house of Israel among all nations [and cause it to tremble] Like grain is shaken in a sieve [removing the chaff], But not a kernel [of the faithful remnant] shall fall to the ground and be lost [from My sight]…In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches [in the city walls]; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old.” Amos 9:9, 11 AMP


I want to encourage you today.  Though the world we live in seems to consistently stir the pot of fear and negativity, the Lord our God is moving.  The people of God’s greatest days are just ahead. 

Recently I was sitting with Jesus and I asked him what was on his heart.  He said “REBUILD”.As I continued to listen attentively, I heard Him say:

“I’m coming for the hearts of my people. I desire mercy not sacrifice and I’m calling my beloveds into full communion with me on earth as it is in heaven.”

Full communion is moment by moment conversational prayer with the Lord like David had. (Isaiah 55:3) I believe the tabernacle Amos speaks of in the scripture above represents intimate relationship by communing with the heart of God  through the Holy Spirit.  Jesus desires this with you!

Returning to the Original Foundations

The Lord said to me:

 “Ever since the early church absorbed into Roman culture under Constantine, traditions became more important to many than the original ways. I am bringing my church back into alignment with important principles established in the book of ACTS.”

He began to bring so many things to mind that he wants to restore back to his people…

  • First love 
  • Repentance
  • Awe and fear of the Lord
  • Unity among believers
  • Demonstration of the gospel through signs, wonders, and miracles
  • Believers gathering in homes
  • Teaching families together
  • Expectation for angelic help
  • Boldness and courage
  • All were baptized in the Holy Spirit

The father has a heart to return to the foundations of family within the body. I could feel his heart as He told me:

 “I am turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and children to the fathers. Family is a big deal to me. How can you say you love me when you can’t love your brother or sister? Family is also a big deal to the heart of the Father.”

 The Lord is talking us back to our original foundations and that is KINGDOM FAMILY.

Rebuilding the Church

I heard the Lord say:

“Just as the people rebuilt the temple in Ezra’s day, so I am rebuilding My temple right now in my church. But this time it will not be a building made with human hands.  Watch what I will do…” 

Suddenly, in my mind I saw a yellow rolling desk chair with muddy water pouring onto it and splashing off.  Then I heard Jesus say, “I am dismantling my church so that I can rebuild her. The church has been sitting down for a long time and many have become complacent, non-repentant, dirty, without fear of the Lord.”  The chair in the vision symbolized sin, attention-seeking and self-glorification.  The muddy water represents repentance from dead works. Dead works is any attempt to find favor, earn acceptance or be made righteous before God by one’s own effort, ability or willpower (Ephesians 2:8,9). Both sin and dead works are things that God wants removed from His Bride.

I felt the Lord’s heart for us to believe WHO WE ARE as sons and daughters and walk in the inheritance that He paid with his very life to give us. His blood was poured out to give us the gift of righteousness. The Lord went on to say:

“I want to cleanse my people. I want to cleanse them with the washing of the pure water of the word. To renew their minds with my truth by the Holy Spirit‘s leading. If my people will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways I will hear them and I will heal them. I am calling my bride by name. Come to me all you who are weary with burdens and with the weight of sin.  Lay them down in repentance and I will give you rest”.

The Hebrew word for repentance is Teshuva, which also means “a returning“. God is not just calling us to repent; His is calling us home to be hidden in His heart.

A Holy Temple in the Lord

“Once my people RETURN to me, we will walk into the new season of the new wine skin.”  

In my mind’s eye I saw myself standing in a large room. As I looked, I realized the walls of the building were made of pots of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Then the Lord brought to mind 2 Corinthians 4:7 which reads: 

“We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

We are the clay pots that hold the Spirit of the Living God. As followers of Jesus, we are being formed into the walls of the Living Sanctuary or Temple that God has told us about in his word. Then I heard the Lord say:

“My people will be rebuilt into a living sanctuary holy and pleasing to me moving together in unity with one mind and in one accord. Each will be a holy habitation of my Spirit. You in me and I in you, both of us being in the Father– a unified living temple of the Lord – a remnant people who carry the presence of the Lord everywhere they go because they are sold out, on-fire lovers of God.”

“Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” Ephesians 2:19-22

The Lord continued to speak to me and He said:

“My people will no longer hide in a building. They are becoming the temple of God everywhere they walk. They will be living gateways – portals that my power will flow through to reach the lost. My victory is unstoppable and those who love me more than their own life will also be unstoppable. My angelic hosts are assembling. They are preparing for new assignments to partner with my remnant who fully surrender in the power of my Spirit. I am the commander of these heavenly hosts. Those who are with us are much greater than those that are against us.  Rejoice! The King of Glory is the Lord of Victory (Psalm 24:9-10)!”  

“Believe me for greater things (John 14:12). Miracles you’ve not seen and never even heard of. My wonders are limitless. Hold my hand… I invite you to step closer to me, my beautiful holy habitations.  I will set your feet on a rock and hide you in the day of trouble. I am your Beloved and you are mine.”

If you are a believer in Jesus, He is talking to you.  There is coming a great outpouring of the Spirit of God unlike the earth has ever experienced.  Jesus wants to make your life his holy habitation… His dwelling place.  UNION with him looks like intimate relationship: constant friendship chats, turning your thoughts affectionately toward him throughout the day, choosing to obey his voice instead of your flesh, and loving people everywhere you go in partnership with Him.  In our humble surrender to his majesty, He empowers us to live naturally supernatural lives as we become His door to reach the lost, broken, and captive with His love and power!

For Christ,

♥️Ashley Edwards

Ashley Edwards is a wife, mother, the author of
The Voice of Truth: Hearing God's Voice and Encountering a Love that Changed Everything.
Ashley currently works as the Director of Local Ministries for Watermarked Ministries.

Esthers in Prayer, Deborahs in War

There have been many woman who have been hidden in the Lord going through a beatification process like Esther.

The Lord showed me these women and told me that the process is almost complete. They were dressed as queens and God had them seated on thrones, but when they arose from their thrones the became covered in the armor.

The Lord said that He is releasing these women with the intercession anointing that was on Esther, but the warring spirit He placed in His judge Deborah.

These women would judge what is evil and good in the eyes of the Lord. They would break the powers of evil and be a midwife in the spirit to birth the good plans of the Lord in this time.

Daughters of God, keep pressing into Jesus in the secret place! Your time of waiting is coming to an end and Jesus is about to be glorified through your lives!

For Christ, 

Jenimar Pendleton

Deception, Mercy, & Tipping Points

In the past several weeks, I have had a deep urgency stirring in my spirit for the Body of Christ in the United States. God has been revealing to me the enemy’s tactics to disrupt and dismantle the foundations that God has laid in our land and our assignments to stop the enemy in his tracks. The Lord has continuously urged me into the secret place to pray and decree His purposes for our land, none in which include a political or religious narrative. Instead, it is a narrative that is written in His promises to His people throughout scripture. He asked me to sound the alarm to those who will have ears to hear and eyes to see what His Spirit is doing in our present time.

I heard the Lord say, “Will my people rise up and humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and pull down from heaven the healing for their land? My people, who share in Abraham’s promises, Will they posture themselves before me with clean hands and pure hearts and ask for mercy over their land? Will America posture itself like Nineveh and repent for their lawlessness?”

Deception of the Times

I have felt the feeling of defeat that has overcome many in the Body of Christ in this season. That lie of defeat has overwhelmed many because they have chosen to turn to idols and the wisdom of the world to discern the current time and season, instead of securing themselves to every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. 

We must posture ourselves in humble repentance. We must lay down our idols, which produce false security and self-preservation, and grab on to the truth that our salvation comes from the Lord (Jonah 2:8-9)! This posture of repentance will lift the veil of deception that the enemy has placed over many in the Body of Christ. 

In Daniel 7:25 we read, “He (the enemy) will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.” Saints take heed and do not be deceived by the enemy’s lies that he has the authority over this time and season! God has appointed His people for such a time as this, to stand from their rightful place, seated next to their King, to decree a thing and watch it be established (Job 22:28). We must turn our hearts and spirits to God to gain a heavenly perspective of the time and season.

The Mercy of God

I heard the Lord say, “Will My people, who share in the promises of Abraham (Galatians 3:7,29 NIV), posture themselves before me with clean hands and pure hearts and ask for mercy over their land?”  

When God shared His plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah with Abraham in Genesis 18:17-33, it opened a conversation between Abraham and God that ultimately caused God’s hand of mercy to be extended. Although Abraham knew that destruction was coming to the city, he petitioned the Lord to spare the city if God found anyone to be righteous in the land. God agreed to Abraham’s petition to have mercy because Abraham was a friend of God. We share in that same relationship through inheritance by what was purchased for us at the cross. I believe that God is looking for His people to come to Him like Abraham and pray mercy over our land because His heart is that no one would perish. Instead, He longs that all would be reconciled to Him.  

The Tipping Point

Our nation is at a pivotal season in time, and I know that many of you have been sensing the coming shift. As the Lord revealed to me His deep longing to partner with His people’s prayers over America, I heard Him say, “The bowls of incense are at a tipping point and I am about to use it as a mighty weapon to throttle the plans of the enemy!” 

In Revelation 5:8, we read that the golden bowls full of incense are the prayers of the saints, and we know that our prayers are weapons that are mighty in God to pull down strongholds. God wants the bowl of incense in heaven so full that it doesn’t just overflow, but instead, tip over onto the enemy’s plans! This tipping point that God is inviting us into will cause the nations to see His will and plans for the United States and show that a nation devoted to Him will always be protected and blessed.

In the next 40 days praying the scriptures will be crucial as God continues to bring exposure to the dark places and begins to purify His bride in order to shift us into a season of preparation to receive the Harvest. Be watchful to not pray from the flesh, but instead, pray from God’s very Word knowing that whatever you ask for in prayer, you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24). It is time to worship, declare, decree, and petition to the Lord like never before!

For Christ, 

Jenimar Pendleton

Palabra Profética Corporativa

Recientemente, durante mi tiempo con el Señor, comenzó a llorar mi corazón por el Cuerpo de Cristo y su tolerancia a las prácticas impías. Me llevó a Amós 3: 7 que dice: “Seguramente el Señor Soberano no hace nada sin revelar su plan a sus siervos los profetas”. Comenzó a hablarme la siguiente palabra que oro para que prestemos atención como advertencia y realineamiento a la Los santos y puros caminos de Dios:

Dios está actualmente liberando estrategia y sabiduría a sus profetas sobre las cosas que están por venir. Él está llamando a la eliminación de ciertas prácticas del cuerpo de Cristo. Las cosas que solían ser “OK” ya no serán toleradas. Dios está separando lo común de lo Santo en la temporada. Él va a usar la hoz para quitar la paja del trigo. Lo que antes creíamos aceptable sería ahora detestable.

Centinelas liberados

Dios también está rompiendo el miedo de sus centinelas . Dios ha estado revelando cosas a sus profetas, pero algunos se han consumido tanto por el miedo al hombre que se han negado a hacer sonar la alarma. “Pero si el centinela ve venir la espada y no toca la trompeta para advertir a la gente y la espada viene y le quita la vida a alguien, la vida de esa persona será tomada por su pecado, pero haré responsable al centinela por su sangre” Ezequiel 33: 6. Es hora de reconocer el peso que nuestro rechazo; la sangre está en manos de los profetas que eligen no hacer sonar la alarma.

  Me gustaría animar a los profetas en el cuerpo de Cristo que han permitido que el miedo ahogue sus voces para arrepentirse de inclinar las rodillas ante el espíritu del miedo. Estar lleno del temor del Señor que es el comienzo de todo entendimiento (Proverbios 9:10). Arrepiéntete y comienza a hablar lo que Dios te ha llamado a hablar porque Su justicia se inundará y producirá la restauración de la tierra. Las estrategias que Dios ha estado lanzando están destinadas a restaurar el orden y la pureza del ministerio profético. Los profetas que deben hablar lo que ven y hacer sonar la alarma, deben hacerlo para eliminar la brujería que ha estado operando entre nosotros en nuestras iglesias, ministerios, empresas y comunidades.

La Temporada de Jaels

El Señor no solo está usando a Sus profetas para expulsar a quienes practican la hechicería a nuestro alrededor. También está lanzando una unción de Jael sobre sus mujeres. En Jueces 4 vemos a Barak asustado de enfrentarse a Sisera por su cuenta y solo se hará cargo de la pelea si Deborah lo acompaña. Deborah luego dice: “Por supuesto que iré contigo, pero debido a tu actitud, no serás honrado cuando Sisera sea derrotada. El Señor permitirá que una mujer derrote a Sísara ”
Jueces 4: 9 ERV. Dios ha estado enviando líderes para derribar a los principados y a aquellos que están comprometidos con ellos, pero por temor a esos líderes se han negado a cumplir con la solicitud de Dios y ahora Dios entregará la victoria a las mujeres sobre las que está liberando una unción de Jael.

En los próximos meses veremos a mujeres que normalmente son reservadas y que hacen la paz sacudir iglesias y organizaciones mientras defienden la pureza y la justicia. Los veo empujando el pico a través de los principados tratando de tomar montañas de influencia. Pero esta vez, en lugar de tener que quedarse solos o esconderse, tendrán personas poderosas de influencia que estarán junto a ellos a medida que se libera la pureza y la sangre del cordero se derrama sobre su sacrificio de establecer la autoconservación.

Escrito por Jenimar Pendleton

Corporate Prophetic Word

Recently during my time with the Lord he bagan to grieve my heart for the Body of Christ and it’s tolerance of unholy practices. He brought me to Amos 3:7 which states “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” He the began to speak to me the following word that I pray we heed as a warning and realignment to the Holy and Pure ways of God: 

God is currently releasing strategy and wisdom to His prophets about the things that are to come. He is calling for the removal of certain practices from the body of Christ. Things that used to be “OK” will no longer be tolerated. God is separating the common from the Holy in the season.  He going to use the sickle to remove the chaff from the wheat. What once we thought was acceptable will now be detestable. 

Watchmen Being Set Free

God is also breaking fear off of his watchmen. God has been revealing things to his prophets but some have been so consumed by the fear of man that they have refused to sound the alarm. “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood” Ezekiel 33:6. It is time to recognize the weight that our refusal; the blood is on the hands of prophets that choose to not sound the alarm. 

 I’d like to encourage the prophets in the body of Christ that have allowed fear to muzzle their voices to repent of bowing their knees to the spirit of fear.  Be filled with the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of all understanding (Proverbs 9:10). Repent and start speaking out what God has called you to speak out for His justice is going to flood out and produce restoration to the land. The strategies that God has been releasing are meant to restore order and purity to the prophetic ministry. The prophets that are meant to speak what they see and sound the alarm, are meant to do so in order to flush out the sorcery that has been operating among us in our churches, ministries, businesses, and communities. 

The season of Jaels 

Not only is Lord using His prophets to flush out those practicing sorcery around us. He is also releasing a Jael anointing over his women. In Judges 4 we see Barak scared of taking on Sisera on his own and will only take charge in the fight if Deborah goes with him. Deborah then says “Of course I will go with you, But because of your attitude, you will not be honored when Sisera is defeated. The Lord will allow a woman to defeat Sisera”

‭‭Judges‬ ‭4:9‬ ‭ERV‬‬. God has been sending leaders to tear down principalities and those who are engage with them, but out of fear those leaders have refused tp follow through with God’s request and now God will hand the victory over to women that He is releasing a Jael anointing over. 

In the coming months we will see women who are normally reserved and are peacemakers shake up churches and organizations as they stand up for purity and justice. I see them thrusting the spike through principalities trying to over take mountains of influence. But this time instead of them having to stand alone or go into hiding they will have powerful people of influence that will stand next to them as purity is released and the blood of the lamb spills over their sacrifice of laying down self-preservation. 

Ídolos Desmoronándose

Escuché las noticias sobre el incendio de la catedral gótica de Notre Dame mientras estaba ministrando en Chile. Inmediatamente sentí un peso en el corazón porque recordé una visión que el Señor me había mostrado el año pasado .

El 29 de abril de 2018, el Señor me mostró dos visiones que eran, hasta hoy, una de las experiencias más intensas que he tenido en la profecía. Solo compartí las visiones con personas que estaban en mi círculo íntimo y con aquellas a las que el Señor les había estado revelando cosas similares. No lo compartí principalmente porque no creía que las personas estuvieran listas para leerlo, pero ahora siento fuertemente en mi espíritu de contar una de las visiones.

Visión profética 29 de Abril de 2018:
En la visión estaba de pie en el borde de un acantilado. Pude ver una vasta tierra llena de más acantilados. Los acantilados estaban separados por agua, pero el agua era el Espíritu Santo y escuché al Señor decir que el clamor de su pueblo estaba conectado a través del agua viva, pero que su pueblo no estaba utilizando su poder. Vi en cada acantilado grupos de personas que estaban siendo devoradas por el enemigo. En cada acantilado vi al líder de estos grupos de personas de pie entre las personas devoradas . Los vi mirar a su gente siendo devorada con una expresión de tristeza y desesperanza en sus caras.

Sentí a Dios decir: “Mis elegidos, los líderes de Mis ovejas, han entregado sus ovejas al enemigo porque no saben cómo luchar. Han olvidado la cruz;Han olvidado el poder de la sangre. Hablan, pero sus palabras están vacías porque han dejado su lugar legítimo en el trono que Dios tiene para sus hijos para tomar un lugar más bajo que los ángeles. Creen que están derrotados porque ven a través de los ojos del mundo. No ven el poder que les he puesto dentro. Sus palabras están vacías porque se han olvidado de quién soy. Han sido víctimas de los esquemas del enemigo que constantemente les pregunta: “¿Quién crees que eres realmente?” Y tengo que volver y seguir diciéndoles: ‘¿Quién te dijo que estabas desnudo? ¿Quién te dijo que no te daría todo lo que necesitas? ”

Cuando Dios me estaba mostrando esta escena, pude escuchar a un espíritu burlón riéndose del mundo. Podía oírlo reír y decir que los hijos de Dios se han olvidado de quiénes son y ahora están impotentes.
En un momento de la visión , vi la ira del padre en toda la tierra y vi caer los ídolos construidos por el reino de las tinieblas. Vi derrumbarse edificios e ídolos en Nueva York, DC, Francia, Inglaterra, Persia y Alemania. Vi a un enorme dragón surgir sobre el mundo e intentar emitir un sonido, pero vi a los ángeles del ejército del cielo atar su boca con una cuerda hecha de Espíritu, Verdad y la sangre del Cordero. Luego comenzaron a atar sus brazos, pies y cola, que dejaron a la bestia indefensa. Luego vi a la enorme bestia pasar de un dragón a una serpiente y vi el pie del Hijo del Hombre aplastar su cabeza con Su talón.

Luego escuché al Padre decir que esta es la autoridad que estamos llamados a entender que tenemos, que no seamos eclipsados ​por el enemigo sino que los hijos e hijas de Cristo traen una luz a cada sombra del enemigo.
A medida que sucedía todo esto, vi cómo se abrían celdas espirituales y los hijos e hijas del cielo salieron corriendo bailando y alabando al Señor en danza y canto. Llevaban banderas de blanco, azul, morado y oro. Los oí gritar: “¡Ha llegado el momento! ¡Ha llegado el momento de la llegada de nuestro Rey! ¡Regocijémonos y tomemos la tierra!

¿Qué significa esto para el Cuerpo de Cristo?

Creo que la quema de Notre Dame es un signo profético de lo que vendrá. Hay una purificación que viene a la iglesia cuando Dios comienza a derrumbar ídolos que han estado en el cuerpo de Cristo. Las cosas que la mayoría han considerado aceptables debido a la tradición, serán sometidas al fuego de la purificación y no sobrevivirán.

Creo que estamos a punto de ver un gran cambio en el cuerpo de Cristo e hijos e hijas van a comenzar a caminar en la plenitud de su identidad al ver toda su autoridad sobre el enemigo. Estamos a punto de comenzar a dar grandes pasos para recuperar el territorio del reino de los cielos.

En la visión, creo que los diferentes líderes y grupos de personas en los acantilados simbolizan diferentes denominaciones en el cuerpo de Cristo. Creo que estamos a punto de ver a Dios hacer algunos cambios radicales que harán que las personas dejen de alinearse con las denominaciones y en su lugar se alineen con el Espíritu, la Palabra. , y la verdad.

¡Oremos por el cuerpo de Cristo! ¡Oremos por la unidad y por todo lo que está en la oscuridad para ser expuesto por la hermosa luz de Jesús!

Idols are Crumbling

I heard the news about the Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame burning down while I was ministering in Chile. Immediately I felt my heart drop because it reminded me of a vision that the Lord had taken me into a year ago.

On April 29, 2018 the Lord took me into two visions which were to this day one of the most intense experiences I have ever had in the prophetic. I only shared the visions with people who were in my inner circle and those who the Lord had been revealing similar things to. I didn’t share it mainly because I didn’t think people were ready to read it, but I have felt a pressing in my spirit to release one of the visions now.

Prophetic vision April 29, 2018:

I had vision of standing on the edge of a cliff. I could see a vast land full of more cliffs. The cliffs were seperated by water but the water was the Holy Spirit and I heard the Lord say that the cry of His people were connected through the living water but His people were not utilizing its power. I saw on each cliff people groups that were being devoured by the enemy. On each cliff I saw the leader of these people groups standing amongst the carnage. I saw them watching their people get devoured with a look of sadness and hopelessness on their faces.

I felt God say, “My chosen ones, the leaders of My sheep, have surrendered their sheep to the enemy because they don’t know how to war. They have forgotten the cross; they have forgotten the power of the blood. They speak but their words are empty because they have left their rightful place on the throne of sonship to take a lower place than the angels. They believe they are defeated because they see through the world’s eyes. They do not see the power that I have placed inside of them. Their words are empty because they have forgotten who I am. They have fallen victim to the schemes of the enemy who constantly asks them, ‘Who do you really think you are?’ And I have to come back and keep telling them, ‘Who told you you were naked? Who told you that I would not give you everything you need?’ ”
As God was showing me this scene I could hear a mocking spirit laughing over the world. I could hear him laugh and say that the children of God have forgotten who they are and now they are powerless.

In one moment in time I saw the anger of the father boom out throughout the earth and I saw the idols built by the kingdom of darkness fall. I saw buildings and idols crumble, in New York, DC, France, England, Persia, and Germany. I saw a huge dragon arise over the world and try to roar out a sound but I saw the angels of heaven’s army tie its mouth shut with a rope made of Spirit, Truth, and the blood of the Lamb. Then they began to tie its arms, feet, and tail which left the beast helpless. I then saw the enormous beast shift from a dragon into a snake and I saw the foot of the Son of Man crush its head with His heel.

I then heard the Father say that this is the authority that we are called to understand that we have, that we are not overshadowed by the enemy but that the sons and daughters of Christ bring a light to every shadow of the enemy.

As all this was happening I saw spiritual jail cells open and the sons and daughters of heaven came running out dancing and praising the Lord in dance and song. They carried flags of white, blue, purple and gold. I heard them scream, “The time has come! The time has come for the arrival of our King! Let us rejoice and take the land!”

What does this mean for the Body of Christ?

I believe that Notre Dame burning is a prophetic sign of things to come. There is a purification coming to the church as God starts to crumble idols that have been in the body of Christ. Things that most have thought to be acceptable due to tradition, will be subjected to the fire of purification and will not survive it.

I believe that we are about to see a huge shift in the body of Christ and sons and daughters are going to start to walk in the fullness of their identity as they see all of their authority over the enemy. We are about to start taking huge strides in taking back territory for the kingdom of Heaven.

In the vision I believe the different leaders and people groups on the cliffs symbolize different denominations in the body of Christ I believe we are about to see God make some radical changes that will make people stop aligning with denominations and instead align themselves with Spirit, Word, and Truth.

Let’s pray for the body of Christ! Let’s pray for unity and for everything that is in the dark to be exposed by the beautiful light of Jesus!