Saturate events were started in order to bring ministers into our region that carry the love and fire of Jesus. So many people are waiting to see the children of God fully activated in their authority and gifting so that they can see the kingdom manifest around them. Being equipped not only in our identity in Christ but also in the gifts of the Holy Spirit will allow us all to shine brightly for Jesus. Watermarked and The Church of Anderson are partnering to bring in a ministry called the lion company. These ministers (Jonathan and Gina Gibson) carry a message of life devotion and intimacy with Jesus. This will be a night of prophetic activation and focus on intimacy with the Father.
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Marked & Sealed: A Workshop on the Holy Spirit

This is a workshop on knowing what it means to be marked and baptized by the Holy Spirit . This is will a time for equipping and an invitation to be immersed in the Holy Spirit. If you have ever had any question of the Holy Spirit's role in your life then this would be a good event for you.
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