Esthers in Prayer, Deborahs in War

There have been many woman who have been hidden in the Lord going through a beatification process like Esther.

The Lord showed me these women and told me that the process is almost complete. They were dressed as queens and God had them seated on thrones, but when they arose from their thrones the became covered in the armor.

The Lord said that He is releasing these women with the intercession anointing that was on Esther, but the warring spirit He placed in His judge Deborah.

These women would judge what is evil and good in the eyes of the Lord. They would break the powers of evil and be a midwife in the spirit to birth the good plans of the Lord in this time.

Daughters of God, keep pressing into Jesus in the secret place! Your time of waiting is coming to an end and Jesus is about to be glorified through your lives!

For Christ, 

Jenimar Pendleton